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UPDATE: 12/12/18



After much discussion with the printer, I can now confirm the following official publication dates for the outstanding titles. Not surprisingly you will learn they will take place in the new year but they are as follows: 

Westerns Vol 3: March 15, 2019

Sun and Sea: March 31, 2019

Westerns on Shed: April 15, 2019

1000 DAYS: May 1, 2019

and finally, Specials May 25, 2019

All dates are final. There is a distinct possibility the books will be published earlier than these dates but certainly not later. These will conclude my interest in running this site and the business. When the last book is published I will step aside for the return of Adrian whose new venture is now in the advanced planning stage but will not go live until all the ducks are in a row so to speak, on a fabulous new website. But safe to say, from what I've seen, it is a tremendous effort by all concerned and will make his long awaited return both exciting and welcome. I hope to have an interview with Adrian on here in the new year when hopefully, more of his return will be divulged. He has had an awfully tough time health wise over the last five years but has come through it with determination and a recovery that has stretched the time between specialist visits to half-yearly. Which, I am sure, you will all agree is a remarkable turn around given where he was at one stage. He is already determined not to make the same mistakes as his last venture and will be looked after by a PR and management company, to ensure business is done professionally and speedily. It is very much an aim to provide a lasting legacy for future generations of diesel-hydraulic fans and I am sure given the foundations that are being built brick by brick by everyone involved, it will become just that. More in the new year. 

In the meantime, I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and Happy and prosperous new year. Besties to you all.



We have managed to send out all the orders received before December 5 cut off. And we are trying to get those received after that date, rushed through in time too. Hopefully we will achieve that. 


THE 1973-77 WESTERN SERIES is now available for £89.99 by clicking the button below. Do not order this item from the catalogue page as it will cost £125. This is a special sale for stock clearance. For details of the books themselves Winds of Change '73, Teenage Lament '74, Indian Summer '75, Spirit of '76 and Final Salute '77, these can be found on the catalogue page. Click link above. 


Well it is coming up to Christmas seriously, I am having a purge on stock, to make way for....hurray new stock. This means some items are surplus to requirements to quote nan often used BR phrase. So please check our our new offers above in the run up to the end of the year. Thanks. 


This title is coming along in its final stages now and I must say as I go through the pages, it will make a fine, if long awaited end to the trilogy of Western books. Publication date now confirmed, see above.  


Mr C has had a difficult few years but he's still found time to leave me with the diesel books and produce what many are saying is his masterpiece. His new book has already generated great interest among the nation's 4, yes 4, million anglers and thousands of supernatural buffs. Stemming from his own experiences on the country's most famous carp water in the history of angling, he and his old friend Len have combined to produce an eagerly awaited volume. I know it is not really for you rail fans, but a link to the publisher's website will be placed here shortly in case any of you like to dabble in a bit of maggot drowning with a ghostly tale or two. (see cover below...)